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Open Media by Annova Systems at BCA booth 4M2-06

Open Media on Gencom Booth at BCA, 2011

ABOUT OPEN MEDIA a product of ANNOVA Systems

From idea to broadcast

OpenMedia enables you to develop a story from the initial idea through to broadcast. It provides for flexible workflows in line with your requirements and offers ideal integration in the entire existing IT and production environment. And because it uses the Microsoft Windows platform it is easy to understand, intuitive and stable.

Cross Media Collaboration
OpenMedia greatly improves coordinated multi-media planning and collaboration across different production units such as radio, TV or web departments.
Collect and share all types of content to jointly prepare the best text and media for every platform making best use of the complete information. The story-centric architecture maximizes access to the available knowledge, enabling open and transparent news planning, gathering and editorial decision-making.

Flexibility and Freshness

OpenMedia combines all the relevant newsroom functionality with unparalleled flexibility to provide a production workflow that perfectly matches customer needs. A fully configurable data model, a sophisticated rights management, effective search and communication tools and personalized desktops and views support any desired workflow.
Manage and survey the state of story and broadcast scheduling at any time and respond to critical developments immediately, with the guarantee to always have the most up-to-date data available everywhere.

TV / Radio / Internet / Mobile / Future Media

As the central collection point for meta-data, OpenMedia gives you independence in the distribution and usage of your content.
You alone - and not the technology – decide where and how your content is to be seen, heard or read.

Integrated Archive
Broadcast rundowns and other aged elements can be archived into a secondary storage device in OpenMedia according to customizable rules to be available for easy re-use.
Browse and view your archived data like your active content seamlessly inside the OpenMedia application.

Sharing and Exchanging

Users in the field or in a remote bureau can connect to the newsroom with the OpenMedia WebClient to stay informed and contribute to story development without the full application installed.
Large scale, organization-wide sharing and exchange between several OpenMedia systems located in different regions is accomplished transparently to the end-user with OMConnect.

3rd Party Integration
The OpenMedia Interface Service (OMIS) PlugIns for third party systems ensure a seamless workflow through the broadcast chain. The extensible framework provides powerful means for interoperability and integration.
OpenMedia offers full support for the standard MOS protocol with enhanced ActiveX integration. All meta-data and information is dynamically transferred to the relevant production and studio equipment.

Modern Architecture
OpenMedia offers a flexible, modular platform based on open standards that enables the user to master today’s news production as well as future challenges.

Latest Technology
OpenMedia is designed as a service-oriented, multi-tier application with an SQL database backend, which ensures high reliability, stability and scalability – from a handful up to several thousand users.

For more information drop by and visit us booth 4M2-06

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