Anton Bauer Batteries in stock

Wednesday August 7, 2019 07:35

Dionic XT Battery Models Now In Stock With Gencom

The XT90 and XT150 have raised the bar on Performance and Reliability. The Dionic XT series is a powerful and durable Li-ion solution in a compact, robust design to complement a wide range of ENG and cine-style cameras.


Using Anton Bauer's award winning mobile power excellence, the Dionic XT technology provides uniform performance throughout its long life. The intelligent on-board battery management system enables you to manage your fleet efficiently.


The Dionic XT delivers powerful performance in a range of environments. The series is engineered to be recharged more times extending its cycle life compared to other battery systems. Dionic XT offers the best ROI and lowest management overhead.


V-Mount and Gold Mount Dionic XTs are certified as transportable by air for those long distance jobs. They are also cross-compatible with multiple brand chargers and superior in powering accessories such as portable LED lighting.


You can count on Dionic XT to power the most mission-critical equipment with consistently high performance. Save valuable travel space with these reliable smaller-form batteries.

Anton Bauer Batteries in stock

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