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Gencom Technology is New Zealand’s leading provider of integrated technology solutions and professional services for the media industry. Our team are experts across a wide range of media technology disciplines, including video production, media management, channel origination, RF transmission, internet delivery and the core IT infrastructure that underlies all of these processes.

Our experience spans a half century of industry and technology change, and the company has continually evolved to remain at the forefront of media technology. Our core DNA has always been the production and delivery of professional video content, and this is reflected in the numerous TV broadcast studio, playout and distribution projects we have completed. However, we also have extensive experience and capabilities in related areas including radio production and delivery, industrial AV and enterprise IT.

Our head office, with integration factory and primary support centre, is located in Auckland, New Zealand, and we have a sales office in Wellington as well as a second support office in Nelson. From here we serve New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands, and have completed projects all over the world including the UK and USA. We also maintain an affiliation with offices in Singapore and Johannesburg, South Africa, that were once under the same corporate umbrella but now operate as independent organisations.

Gencom has partnered with some of the leading media technology vendors in the world, and can supply our customers with best-in-breed solutions for virtually any requirement. We pride ourselves on a consultative approach, working closely with our customers at every stage to make sure their needs are met. Our solution architects and technology specialists are available to help customers evaluate options and provide the best solution for their unique requirements. Our project engineers and installers ensure that every project is delivered with careful attention to detail and that the final solution meets the project objectives.

Once a solution is delivered, our support team takes over to ensure that it continues to perform as required and that users are equipped with the training required to use it effectively. Gencom stands behind everything we sell, passing through the benefit of all manufacturer warranties to the end user and providing our own 12 month warranty on our installation work. We offer a range of Service Level Agreement options tailored to each customer’s specific needs, and any question or issue that can be resolved with a 15 minute phone call will always be free, regardless of whether a product is in warranty, actively supported by the manufacturer, or even supplied by a competitor.

For more than 50 years Gencom has been delivering premium design, products and solutions to the Media industry. Let us help you plan and deliver your next project.

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