Cinegy is a research-driven company focused on developing advanced software-based media production systems. The company's Cinegy Workflow platform combines digital asset management, video ingest and software-based encoding, broadcast automation and playout, production tools, archive storage and retrieval into one integrated, database-driven workflow.

Cinegy's philosophy has always been to put archive front and centre of the workflow. Rather than treat archiving as an afterthought, Cinegy's approach treats archive as a process that starts by accumulating metadata from time of ingest to create a complete lifecycle as a never-ending process that keeps adding value to the media assets throughout their existence. The Cinegy platform from the start was designed as an enterprise-level system that is resolution independent, storage systems agnostic, extremely scalable and absolutely open in terms of architecture. Over time, additional elements such as news integration, broadcast automation, and playout have been added to the solution as well.

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