With origins in demanding legal compliance logging applications that require high reliability and flexibility, Mediaproxy has quickly become the most trusted logging and monitoring platform for hundreds of customers around the world. For two decades the company’s engineering team has driven constant innovation and consistently led the way with highly versatile solutions that help customers provide better services and more effective incident management.

Mediaproxy’s monitoring and analysis solutions are designed to provide seamless integration with virtually any broadcast environment and standard. Through simplified application software licensing, customers can greatly reduce investments by choosing only the components they require. These can operate independently, providing a highly resilient solution that broadcasters can rely on.

Mediaproxy’s software-based IP solutions evolve with customer requirement and offer transparent upgrade paths without constant reinvestment. The core platform can be easily virtualized without compromise and provides seamless integration with cloud providers. Flexible software interfaces allow us to integrate with existing broadcast workflows and  quickly adapt as customer requirements change.

Gencom has deployed Mediaproxy in every major broadcaster in New Zealand, and our integration team has the experience to assist with any integration requirement.

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